Report of the Conference on European Quality Standards in Education held by Human Restart at the University of Bochum in Germany

On Saturday and Sunday, the 7th-8 th /5/2022, the Conference on European Quality Standards in Higher Education held by the Human Restart organization, was held at the Conference Center at the University of Bochum, Germany. It was held in cooperation with many European entities. With the participation of a number of European education quality experts, and the presence of 80 participants from 14 countries.   The conference was opened by His Excellency, Dr. Mohammed Hussein Ahmed, the Representative of the Minister of Higher Education of the Republic of Iraq, Kurdistan Regional Government, with a speech entitled: The reality of scientific research in the Middle East, its obstacles and the ways to develop it. The introductory session was opened by Prof. Ulrich Tischler:
On the first day of the conference, he gave a speech on the management of universities and the design of the roles of university professors. He quoted speeches in his research “University Management and the Design of the Roles of University Professors”.
Then the President of Jadara University, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Taleb Obeidat, presented a research paper on the reality and future of higher education and modern quality standards in Jordan. He gave a review of the reality of higher education in public and private universities. He linked the research outputs with the need of the labor market. He discussed the chances of success and the challenges facing it, and the main axes of accreditation and quality control standards, especially after the start of gradually integrating e-learning into the higher education system in Jordan.
The guest of honor, Prof. Dr. Fawaz Abdul Haq “President of the Hashemite University” delivered a speech entitled: Compatibility of the Jordanian National Framework for Qualifications and Education and its Quality by the requirements of the European Framework”.
Prof. Dr. Margaret Bolov-Schramm:
– Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the University of Western Ruhr (HRW (
– a competent expert from the German Ministry of Education in analyzing the academic success in bachelor’s degree programs
she gave a speech on the academic success of bachelor’s degrees.
P.S.: Dr. Bolov signed memorandums of understanding with some of the parties that were participating in the conference later.
Dr. Musa Habib, the Assistant President of Al Hussein Technical University for Academic Affairs, participated in the conference through a valuable research paper entitled: The Dynamic Learning Platform of the Higher Education Institution: Al-Hussein Technical University’s as a Model of Excellence and Appropriate Employability”. One of the leading civil society organizations concerned with education affairs, Adv. Reem Muhaisen, the founder and CEO of the Message of Peace for Community Development and Business Incubator “opportunity and challenge” gave a speech entitled: “The Impact of Education Quality on Empowering Women in Developing Societies”. Prof. Dr. Nizar Jawad Hadi, former Dean of the Faculty of Materials Engineering at the University of Babylon, also participated in the conference on its first day with a research paper entitled: “Application of quality standards in the development of graduates’ skills and innovations”.
Prof. Dr. Muayyad Al-Humaidi, Advisor of the Vice President of Jeddah University for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, participated in the conference with a research paper entitled: “The Saudi Modern University Vision in education”. Prof. Al-Humaidi discussed the concept of the Modern International University (MGU) and the success factors for transformation and accession to modern international universities.
Another figure who participated in the conference was, Prof. Dr. Susan Steimer:
– Representative of the German University of HdwM in the city of Mannheim
– An accreditation expert for study programs and teaching systems, assurance and management of quality in universities, and an assessor of university lectures
Dr. Steimer has signed many agreements with universities that were participating from the Arab world. Such as Hashemite University headed by Dr. Fawaz Abdul Haq, Jadara University headed by Dr. Mohammed Obaidat. Also, she signed agreements with Ceyhan University headed by Dr. Amjad Saber.
Dr. Nibal Al-Moallem, City College University in Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Nibal participated in a research paper at the conference entitled: “Digitization of Education in the Arab World”. Prof. Dr. Philippe Pollens gave a speech at the conference online. He discussed a session entitled “Organizing Universities in Theory and Practice”. Dr. Pollens supported a series of cooperation agreements with many participants in the conference.
Mr. Yasser Al-Nadi, Director of the Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education, “Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) Delegation”. He participated in the conference with a research paper entitled: “Digital Learning, current and future”.
Mr. Yousef Al-Rawas, Executive Director of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Training Academy, “Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) Delegation”. He explained the objectives and tasks of the Academy by providing training programs in various fields, aimed at developing and increasing the capacity of young people. “Advanced European teaching methods” was discussed by Dr. Camilla Gomorie, a researcher from the University of Bochum in Germany. She spoke about the concept of transforming traditional education into gaming-oriented education. Mr. Sven Person gave a presentation on modern technology that works by European quality standards in education and its most important technologies that ensure e-learning for students with the best standards. Such as virtual reality technologies and how to use them in the websites and electronic platforms of universities and institutions. Ms. Siza Zaby, the German Ministry of the Interior, with Mr. Michael Weiß Gehring, the President of the company for importing academic qualifications and skills to the German labor market. They spoke about the opportunity to employ and work in the German market for university graduates from the Arab world, and professionals and competencies who are qualified by European quality standards. Ceyhan Private University Delegation represented by Ass.Prof. Zervan Abdul Mohsen Asaad, President of the University of Duhok. Prof. Asaad gave a speech entitled: “Obstacles of Digital Transformation in Digital Universities”. Many university professors and researchers participated in the conference with research papers that will be published consecutively on the conference website and magazine:
– Dr. Ari Abdul Qader – President of Duhok Technical University.
– Dr. Thuraya Baker – University of Heidelberg.
– Dr. Azza Al-Disti – University of Horus – Arab Republic of Egypt.
– Prof. Dr. Waleed Abboud Mohammed Al-Dulaimi, Prof. Dr. Suad Hadi Hassan Al-Taie – the University of Baghdad, Union of Arab Academics Delegation – Iraq. They provided joint research entitled ‘Blended Learning in Educational Institutions”.
– Dr. Ghadeer Abdul Halim Al-Mustafa – State of Qatar. The Level of the Early Intervention Programs Institutions Application of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC) Standards for Students with Intellectual Disabilities from the Point of View of Their Teachers and Families in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
– Dr. Firdous Al-Ajlouni – Hashemite University, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. She presented a research paper entitled: “Education in Crisis”.
The conference achieved its main objectives through the discussion of European experts with the participants on the European quality standards in higher education. Also, by signing cooperation agreements by the conference participants, or developing memorandums of understanding.
By me Yousef Al-Yousef, the CEO of Human Restart and Human Restart itself, we thank all the participants for their constructive scientific contributions to the conference and their valuable research.
One of the most important recommendations of the conference is the implementation of the Arab Qa project
CEO of Human Restart
European Board of Science and Development


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